The tradition lives on!

After eight very successful years at King Henry’s Arms in Aurora, the Lou Moore experience moves into Colonel Mustard's Pub & Grill at 16925 Yonge St. in Newmarket to continue the tradition of excellence in music. It’s now time to shift gears and bring the network of fine players that I've gathered to an impressive new venue with a renewed passion for great entertainment.  Col. Mustard's offers an intimate atmosphere with an authentic enthusiasm for live music. The warm and friendly staff makes it easy to relax and enjoy the ambience.

Our congenial and lovely bartenders offer an impressive selection of draft beer and assorted beverages while the kitchen staff presents a diversified menu for a meal that is beyond reproach. I highly recommend coming for a bite to eat before the show.

Every Thursday night I surround myself with some of the very best talent I can find and we play with reckless abandon. Each week there is a different featured guest with different band members to accompany them. We start at 9:00 and play until around 12:30 or so.


Aaron Solomon Aaron Solomon: Aaron's musical career has spanned three decades starting as a prominent Cape Breton fiddler. He is also a solo performer and spends a lot of time in the studio performing and producing. When he plays at King Henry’s Arms, everybody is all ears.
Shakey Dagenais Shakey Dagenais: Shakey spent some time in Ft. Lauderdale with a jump/blues band called The Regulators, and with Stan Street and the Streetwalkers, a NewOrleans/blues band. He played all over the state from Tampa to Key West with various other bands too. Lately, he’s been playing in Port Credit with a band called the Southside Shuffle.

See & hear Shakey play! See & hear Shakey play!

Al Brisco

Al Brisco: Al is one of the foremost steel guitar players in the world today. I've known Al for close to thirty years and we've played in several bands together. Al has played with everyone from Ronnie Hawkins to Frank Zappa along with almost any country music artist that has played or recorded. Al also originated and runs the steel guitar club of Canada.

See & hear Al play! See & hear Al play!

Dennis Keldie Denis Keldie: Denis is one of the premiere keyboard players in the GTA, but when he plays with me I ask him to bring his accordion because I've never heard anyone play the accordion as well as Denis does. Denis has played with countless artists and bands over his illustrious career and he certainly adds a touch of class to any musical ensemble he is part of.

See & hear Denis play!See & hear Denis play!

Drew Jurecka

Drew Jurecka: Drew plays with the band Bebop Cowboys and is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Royal Conservatory of Music. He has played with the Oshawa-Durham Symphony Orchestra, the Canton Symphony, and has played the Hollywood Bowl with Diana Krall, Shirley Horn and Dianne Reeves. He has also appeared with the Dave Brubeck Quartet, is a featured soloist with Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards, and has starred in the film “Liszt's Rhapsody” playing a gypsy violinist.

See & hear Drew play! See & hear Drew play!

Chris Whiteley Chris Whiteley: Chris has appeared on over 150 recordings, by such diverse artists as Leon Redbone, blues greats John Hammond and Blind John Davis and country stars Prairie Oyster and Stompin' Tom Conners. His awards include Jazz Report Blues Album of the Year, six Juno Award nominations, Maple Blues Awards as Horn Player of the Year and SOCAN Songwriter of the Year. He has written a #1Canadian country hit for Prairie Oyster, and had his songs recorded by such artists as Amos Garret, Cindy Church, Penny Lang, Quartette and Fathead. He has also written music for radio, television and film, including Sesame Street and the National Film Board.

See & hear Chris play! See & hear Chris play!

Gord Waszek Gord Waszek: Gord is a graduate from the school of fine rock n' roll guitar technique yet he is quite comfortable playing any kind of music he chooses. There is a very good reason why he is nicknamed "The Wizard", because that's exactly how he plays. He is a virtuoso guitarist with a real flair for showmanship. There are always a lot of notes flying around when Gord and I get together.
Terry Clements Terry Clements: For the thirty years that Terry and I have been friends, he has also been Gordon Lightfoot's guitar player. Terry will always be acknowledged as one of the best guitarists in Canadian music history. He has been instrumental in my development as a songwriter and musician and it's always a pleasure to have him as my guest.
Steve Piticco

Steve Piticco: Guitar phenom Steve Piticco is an exceptional musician and has been revered as one of the best pure guitar pickers that Canada has ever produced. He is in great demand for session work and tours Europe regularly with his band South Mountain. Steve is featured on my live CD and it's a real privilege to play with him.

See & hear Steve play! See & hear Steve play!

Grant Lyle Grant Lyle: Grant is one of my favorite guitarists to have as a guest. Not only is he one of the best blues players I've ever had the pleasure of playing with, he's a nice guy to boot. Grant is featured on my live CD and the stage really rocks when we're together.

See & hear Grant play! See & hear Grant play!

Pepe Michael "Pepe" Francis: Of all the guitar players that I know, Pepe is the best. He has been my guitar mentor for the past thirty years. His technical prowess is beyond reproach and his creativity is unmatched. Not only is Michael a world-class guitarist but he's also a world-class person too. If you are a guitar enthusiast you've got to see Pepe to believe how incredibly accomplished he is…unbelievable.
James Anthony James Anthony: Virtuoso guitarist James Anthony was the guitar player in the house band at LuLu's Roadhouse in Kitchener for several years where he backed up all of the major acts in the music industry. His exposure to such great talent has helped make him one of the best guitar players in the business. It's hard say what "style" of guitar player he is because he plays everything so well.
Michael Tabares Michael Tabares: My old buddy, guitarist Mike Tabares is a great guitarist. Mike and I played together at a bar called Penny's Roadhouse in Richmond Hill for two years with a band called The Swingin' Dicks. The time we spent together has made playing together very comfortable for us and we always have a good night whenever he's my guest.
Mitchell Lewis

Mitchell Lewis: Mitchell Lewis is another favorite guitar player of mine. Mitchell is a multi talented musician who always brings a raft of guitars and plays them all really well. My favorite is the straight steel guitar (no pedals or levers) that he plays with the skill of a surgeon. He's also an accomplished drummer and that gives him a keen insight into the rhythm of the music.

See & hear Mitch play! See & hear Mitch play!

Roly Platt

Roly Platt: Harmonica virtuoso Roly Platt has played with such greats as Ronnie Hawkins, Matt Minglewood and Dutch Mason to mention only a few. He is a dynamic musician who can make the harmonica sound like several different instruments. His performances are always very impressive and he is a favorite with audiences everywhere.

See & hearRoly play! See & hear Roly play!

Carlos del Junco Carlos del Junco: Carlos del Junco plays the harmonica like nobody else in the world. He has the reputation of an improvisational genius and is revered as a true virtuoso on his instrument. Carlos has won countless National and International Awards including two Gold Medals from the Hohner World Harmonica Championships in Germany. He has also played with many world renowned artists and bands. Audiences are blown away at every performance and return for more at show after show.
Wendell Ferguson

Wendell Ferguson: I couldn't be more excited about playing guitar with anyone else. Wendell's a tremendous guitar player and a very funny and personable human being. He is a six-time guitar player of the year award winner for the CCMA and has countless other national and international awards for his talents. He is featured on my live CD and is a session guitarist who is, as you might well imagine, in great demand.

See & hear Wendell play! See & hear Wendell play!

Al Lerman

Al Lerman: Al is the founder of the hard drivin' blues band Fathead. He is an excellent harp player and can play a soulful saxophone too. I always look forward to his guest appearances.

See & hear Al play! See & hear Al play!

John Tilden John Tilden: John is a wonderful guitar player who spends a lot of his time teaching guitar at the prestigious twelfth fret music store. He still finds time to play the occasional engagement around town and I'm lucky to be one of them.
John Showman John Showman: John is renowned for his dynamic style and skillful approach to the fiddle. He plays with the bluegrass band Foggy Hogtown Boys and the Creeking Tree Quartet and they can be heard readily at various venues throughout Toronto.
John P. Allen John P. Allen: The first band I ever joined was with John P. Allen in the late 1970's. Since then John has gone on to play with The Good Brothers, Ian Tyson, Sylvia Tyson, Prairie Oyster and many others. His dynamic fiddle style has always been a favorite everywhere he has played. He is featured on my live CD playing both fiddle and mandolin.
Teddy Leonard Teddy Leonard: Teddy plays in the hard drivin blues band Fathead. His distinctive style has made him one of the most renowned country/blues guitarists in the business.
Paul Chapman Paul Chapman: Guitarist Paul Chapman is a phenomenal guitar player who can almost play faster than the human ear can hear. He is a popular session guitarist but still stays busy working weekends and touring with various artists. You really have to see him to believe how he plays.
Nellzy Nellzy: Nellzy has been a regular fixture on my guest list for the past seven years. His traditional fiddle style is always a favorite and his progressive approach to some songs always adds a hint of excitement too. He is featured on my live CD and actually does some twin fiddle breaks with John P. Allen on selective cuts.

See & hear Nellzy play! See & hear Nellzy play!

Steve Briggs

Steve "Guitar" Briggs: Steve plays with the renowned country swing band The Bee Bop Cowboys. His jazzy approach to the guitar lends itself well to the Bob Wills type of swing music the Bee Bop Cowboys play. He is a very accomplished guitarist and can be a spontaneous virtuoso when called upon.

See & hear Steve play! See & hear Steve play!

Carl Kees Carl Kees: Carl is a very prolific fiddler who knows a million fiddle songs. I first saw Carl when he played with The Good Brothers and later I played in Carl's band, The Golden Fiddle Music Company for a few years. Although Carl's health has been ailing lately he still manages to get out for an engagement occasionally.
  BASS PLAYERS ----------------------------------------
John Dymond

John Dymond: John is a three time bass player of the year recipient from the CCMA and has played with artists such as K.D. Lang, Murray McLaughlin, Colin Linden, Bruce Cockburn and David Wilcox. John's expressive style has made him a favorite on Thursday nights. John also played on my live CD.

See & hear John play! See & hear John play!

Dennis Pendrith Dennis Pendrith: Dennis has played with several high profile artists such as Bruce Cockburn, Murray McLaughlin, Sylvia Tyson and many more. Dennis played with me for three years at The Hollow Valley Resort in Dorset where I thoroughly enjoyed his string bass playing. Dennis also played on my live CD.

See & hear Dennis play! See & hear Dennis play!

Omar Tunnock Omar Tunnock: Omar plays with the hard drivin' blues band Fathead. He carries that hard drivin' style over to Thursday nights and adds a unique approach to our band ensembles. Omar also did all the bass work on my first CD of cottage country music.

See & hear Omar play! See & hear Omar play!

Gene Falbo

Gene Falbo: Gene is a great bass player who has played with Sylvia Tyson, Ray Materick, Charlie Majors and many others. He is in demand as a session player works steady playing with various bands throughout the city.

See & hear Gene play! See & hear Gene play!

Rodney St. Amand

Rodney St. Amand: Rodney is a very talented bass player who is also a wonderful singer with an enviable repertoire. Rodney bass playing has been described like he puts three o's in the word smo-o-oth. Now that's something special!

See & hear Rodney play! See & hear Rodney play!

Mike McMaster Mike McMaster: Mike played for twelve years with The Good Brothers and has been playing with me for the past twenty years or so. We both have cottages on Raven Lake, so for any weekend engagement in the area Mike gets the call.
Scottie Williamson Scottie Williamson: Scottie is a rock solid bass player who plays it right down the middle. I've played in various bands with Scottie over the past twenty years and he has always been a reliable band member.
 Alec Fraser Alec Fraser: Alec plays bass with The Jeff Healey Band and Brokenjoe. Alec likes to play a contraption he calls a "Gazinkey" with his bass. Click on his name to find out all about it!
Donnie Wood Donnie Wood: I In the few times I have played with Donnie he has impressed me both as a great bass player and a very good singer to boot. He currently tours with a Scottish Dance Band and has played with several country artists in the past.
Al Cross

Al Cross: Al is formerly of the band Big Sugar and has been one of the most sought after session drummers for the past thirty years. I've never known anyone to enjoy playing as much as Al. He is a true artist. It's easy to understand why he gets the yeomen's share of duty on Thursday nights.

See & hear Al Play See & hear Al play!

Sean O'Grady Sean O'Grady: Although I don't really know a lot of history about Sean, but I know one thing for sure, he is a fantastic drummer. He's very busy and we're lucky to have him when we do so if you see him on the schedule you know you're in for something good.
Gary Craig Gary Craig: Gary has played with Anne Murray's band for the past 15 years and with good reason; he's a great drummer. He also does lots of session work but his responsibilities to Anne Murray keep him very busy.
Bucky Berger Bucky Berger: Bucky is a class guy and a class drummer too. He's played with David Wilcox, Jackson Hawke, Chilliwack, Rough Trade, Downchild Bluesband, Amos Garrett (one of my guitar heros), Dr. John, Elvin Bishop and the list goes on and on. Everybody steps their game up a level when Bucky is on the gig.
  THE WORKHORSES - Mike McMaster & Jon Towers
Mike & Jon As you can well imagine, it's a lot easier to get the special guests I get on Thursday night than it is for a weekend engagement. So when a weekend engagement comes up, I usually rely on the talents of Mike McMaster on bass and when it calls for three guys or more we call my stepson Jon to play drums. Mike played twelve years with The Good Brothers and has been playing with me for the past twenty years of so. We both have cottages on Raven Lake so for any weekend engagement in the area Mike gets the call. It's not uncommon to have Jon and his lovely wife Nicole at the cottage on any given weekend so if Mike and I need a drummer we have no qualms about including Jon. He's a very talented young fellow and we have ourselves a real good time when we play together.





































































































































































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